Monday, February 28, 2011

Adopting a Dog

It was inevitable. A year and 3 months of missing Hugo and we finally and reluctantly went to look at dogs that needed to be adopted. Charlie chose us. She was sitting in her crate not making a sound at the local pet shop. All the other dogs were barking, wagging their tails, clawing at the wires, but not Charlie. She was just sitting there, quietly watching people come and go. She was four and a half months old and a tiny little thing. Big old tough guy Wally, "I don't want another dog except a German Shepherd", picked her up. She nestled up against him with her soft fur against his cheek and that was it. She moved in that afternoon. We've embarked on a raw meat diet plus lots of dog whisperer tips. We'll keep you posted. More pix for you, on

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